Notes From Earth to Heaven

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We will stand together, we will hold each other up, we will band together we will not fall and not give up!

Mothers and fathers who have lost their child , we must unite in mind and spirit, we must stand strong and hold each other up in prayer and in love and in every way we can think of.  We must draw near to our source and share it with each other in whatever way we can.  We will learn compassion and strength  in a true and deep healing way and become an army of Gods love and power for those who join us in this unimaginable place we find ourselves in and for those who simply need true love and compassion..  God is seeing us through.  I am not sure why we weren't spared the pain but if we must go on let  us go on knowing that he leads us through this valley of the shadow of death  and there is nothing left to fear.  We will march on with a limp but we will survive this and with faith find our way. 
I don't know why we are called together in this grief but we are now a family, an army, and united force that is able  to deliver Gods comfort, his loving kindness, his compassion, his resurrecting power both for our children and ourselves.spiritually here on earth.  We must blindly if need be, even as we weep, even as we limp, even as we feel anger and despair, we must  march on into our destiny and follow where he leads us and know he is with us.

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