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Monday, August 15, 2011

Serenity Sonnet for my Son

                           Sonnet of Serenity for my Son

Which stands over his grave in a frame made for me by my nephew,  lovingly.

Dear David,
I asked the Lord to let the sun warm your resting place just as you warmed so many hearts, I asked that the birds sing their songs to you each and every day with music that is pleasing to you.
Let the sunset ,  like a blanket tuck you in at night,
and the moon be your nightlight with a glow that reminds you that you are never alone, that God is with you.
Let  the stars be your party lights and the sky be your concert hall as you dance thru the universe with total freedom and joy, and ride on every shooting star!
Let your life be impossible to forget.   Let your memory rise with the sun every morning to all who knew you.    Let them never forget who and how you were and what you stood for. 
Let them grow in Unconditional love, unity, acceptance, kindness, gentleness, joy, taking up for the underdog, encouraging the sad and lonely, making people feel better having been in their presence, peacemaker , full of forgiveness, and love of family.
Let them follow your lead, knowing that in your short life, you did what very few have managed to do, hard as they might try, rich or famous, you did it’ve changed the world for the better.  Your life truly made a difference to so many, leaving them better having known you.
My child.  My love,  my heart.   You are my sunshine. We will always be two peas in a pod!
Lexi will always be your peanut!
Lord, keep him nearer than near, dearer than dear, let him never ever feel fear, forever and ever, amen.

March 24, 1987Frebruary  22, 2009
David Daniel Dawson  
Loving Son to One Mother,, Loving father to his one and only, loving brother, loving grandson, loving cousin,  loving nephew ,  loving friend to so many. He was  true, kind, joyful,  encouraging, forgiving, and amazing., he was family to everyone  who knew him.  He had  a love that few know how to express or feel

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