Notes From Earth to Heaven

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Listening to O Holy Night in a department store full of mayham and nonsense I am especially offended since you died.  Everything seems so ridiculous, so meaningless, so robotic, so besides the point. 

I think until a tragedy hits we are just robotic, sleep walkers who buy into the insanity of consumerism and think we are experiencing the holiday season. 

Oh how I miss you.  Your life was so sacred. so beautiful.  You were my Christmas everyday.  You were my love and my peace and my joy that God had blessed me with.  Every day should have been a celebration, a holiday, a special occasion.  You were so special so full of love and kindness.  I try so hard to hear from God and maybe even you.  I look for signs.  Yesterday I was behind a car that had plates that said
Psalm23D.  Was that a Sign D avid.  Another day a plate said Peace.  Was that you?  I was told feathers are signs and pennys are signs.  Was that you?  Or am I just desperate to connect with you.

I love you AND look forward to meeting you again in heaven

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