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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


my daughter found an old school project of my sons from when he was twelve.......

He was an old soul full of love

David's School Project from 2000 - He was 12

by Genesis Suchan on Sunday, December 6, 2009 at 7:22pm
written by david dawson
My role in the family is the negotiator. I make sure noby fights a lot. If they do fight, I make sure there's some type of agreement at the end. It is important that I carry out this role because I don't like when people fight. When I help negotiate, everybody likes me and each other.

My family means a lot to me. They help when I'm in need it and I do the same for them. They make sure I'm safe and fed every night. Whe their in need, I'm there for them. I love my family and love me too.

My sister Genesis has taught me some very important lessons. One of the most important lessons I have learned from her is to never shoot anyone's dream down. While my sister was younger, she was told she would never do anything important, that she was, "a jack of all trades master of none." Now she has the important job of teaching young minds biology in East Islip. When I was younger, Gen would encourage any dream I had no matter how wild it was. She let me believe that I could be or do anything I put my mind to.

The Dawson Family challenge, is a single parent household raising three children. My mother and father separated when I was a baby. We moved into my grandmother's house. Where we made our new home. It may have only been an apartment but it was home to us. While my mom went out to work, my sisters and I took care of our home. My sister, Genesis, became my second mom and made sure that I was taken care of. My mom had only a high school degree and no real work experience. She started from a very low paying job and worked her way up. Now she works for a leading international company. It shows you what one person can do if they put their mind to something that they believe in. My mom worked hard at working all day and raising us from diaper to diploma.

Out of control
Very nice people

I love you my son, so very much

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