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Monday, November 14, 2011

Thru the eyes of his friends I still learn about my own child

I search through old posts about him just to feel close to him or meet him for the first time.   I am so frustrated.  I was so hard on him.  So wishing he could "get on the right track", thinking like a mother, like I knew best.  I am sad that maybe I never knew fully.  He was a bright and shining light, a kind and gentle soul, he lived life on his own terms his friends say, and he loved and cared for everyone he met.,  He was my love, my baby, my sweet child.

Here is another post from the past that makes me grateful I was his mother, even for 22 years.  I just wish I saw him completely .  I miss him so.

Monday, February 23, 2009

RIP..tearing me apart.

I found out last night, that a very dear friend to me as well as almost all of bay shore high school graduates died very tragecially. David Dawson. I remember the first day we met. How we met.

It was my freshman year and I was going up the stairs, lost in my high school. I was nervous and tripped and my books went flying. He saw the whole thing. He giggled a little bit and told me that he always wondered if it was possible to fall up the stairs. He helped me gather my things and walked me to class. He introduced himself and gave me a hug. Ever since then, him and I were close.

So many memories i share with him.
I carried him on my shoulders one day just because we asked me to.
David was not a short guy. He gave the best hugs, and always spoke in a calming voice. He had such a sweet spirit that no one could ever really hate him. He showed what it was like to live everyday.

I miss him so incredibly much.
And this is going to be so tough.

I miss my the kid who said he'd always be there for me
when I needed him. I miss the kid that said i could be his little sister.
I miss him<3
so much.

Rest in peace David. I love you. I miss you. This stinks =(

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