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Monday, August 15, 2011

Another mother suffers....

I met two woman several years ago who were friends.  We met through business but we liked each other and always said lets get together, lets go to church.  Of course life is so busy we merely stayed in touch as best we could which was hardly at all.

First my son died in February, I went and told her and her husband and they cried for me and comforted me the best they could, then one of the other mothers daughter died right after mine, I believe in May , and now her best friends son, the third woman lost her son this July.   Its unfathonable, its hard nor to say "where were you God ?  We all love you and trusted you to fill in the gap for us.

Its hard to be consoled by the ones who have not lost a child, but even now I cannot find the way to console.  No words can comfort, no words.

Reveal your self to us, we want to know what this is all about.  How is it that even before we knew it you brought the three of us together.  What do you want us to do for each other.  We are all barely breathing, barely walking, our minds and our bodies are in a fog and disjointed way.  We are empty and tortured, what do you want with us.

What are we supposed to do with all this love we feel for the children we can never again hold or scold or curl up with on the couch.  What do we do with our love so that it doesn't spoil or dissipate.  How do we
find a place to stand and trust and hear from you .  How do we comfort each other Lord?  I am speechless.

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