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Saturday, September 3, 2011

some posts from friends of my son ....

Was thinking of David today. I remember when he would give me advice on how to deal with awful people when I was younger. And many of the things he said have stuck with me all these years. I find it interesting looking at this page how many people he knew who were close to him who didn't meet other people he was close kind of shows you what an interesting person he was...he knew people from all different backgrounds and treated them the same. I wish he was around to give me some of his amazing advice now.

I had a dream about you, last Friday. You came over and put your hands over my eyes like you used to and then you sat and hugged me and let me know that heaven was great. We talked but then it was time for you to go visit everyone else. I cried when you left, and you told me not to because you were happy. You were okay.

i miss you. alot. ♥

I really miss being able to tell you what's going on in my life and hearing your perspective on it. You always gave great advice and I felt like I could tell you anything. I just really miss talking to you. A lot =/

I'm sure it will be hard to pick a favorite with so many great memories everybody has, but I thought we should get a more positive discussion going like stories to make everyone laugh and remember David's smile and things like that.
I actually barely knew him, but feel like once I met him, you couldn't say "David Dawson" without bringing a smile to my face.... He teased me about the Spongebob pinata I made at the Abrew Street block party, but was hilarious. There's not many people who are so funny that they can make you laugh at yourself. He also snatched the megaphone from me when I was supposed to be in charge but I think he could probably tell that I was too shy and didn't want to be in charge anyway. He ended up being a much better recruiter for pinata smashing than I would have been, saving the day for me and making it a fun time for everybody.

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