Notes From Earth to Heaven

Monday, July 25, 2011

Breathe on me.

Breathe on me, let me feel you near
Inhale,Exhale , blow away my tears
Breathe in me your  breath of life
that you breathed in Adam and then his wife.
Exhale a breeze like a quiet summer day
That brings back memories of a child at play
Who knew no pain, no worry, no sorrow
No anticipation or fear about  tomorrow
Only  intimate closeness a child can’t express
Of an invisible friend and welcome guest
A protector,  a playmate,  companion  and friend
A love that had no beginning and has no end.
No thought to understand but simply feel
The essence of the glorious truth revealed
Oh mighty God be my delight
Escort me through my darkest night                              
I have fallen down in deep despair
With sorrow so great that I can’t bear.
Wipe my tears and make me whole
Help me feel  you in my soul.
Breath, sweet breath breathed deep in me
That’s Rolling thru eternity,
Become each movement in my being
Present your love in all my seeing
Bring life to these dry and lifeless bones
My suffering, crying, heavy groans.
Its hard to rise with every day
Knowing he has gone away.
Reveal a glimpse of where he is
Of his great joy and how he lives.
I walk courageous every day
Till we are joined I truly pray
You comfort me and give me rest
Andhelp me show the world my best
Protect me from a bitter heart
A lonely soul that’s torn apart
An empty place  that held him tight
He was full of love and shined so bright
Please promise me another chance
To feel his hug and see him dance
Reveal the Heaven that seems so far
And take away this awful scar.
Instead of anger help me seek
and give me strength where I am weak
I ask so often where were you then
I need understanding again and again
I haven’t fully forgiven you Lord
Where were your angels , where was your sword?
I can only believe what you place in me
So fill me with a glimpse of  eternity.

(I felt the Lord Respond)

No need to look no need to find
To look above beneath behind
No chain and cross worn on the neck
Or statue card or monument

Its In the silence in the tears,
In the suffering, in the fears,
In the fox hole and through the years,
I am there, I am there I am always there
I give and move life  even through sting of death
From sorrow  To  joy  I resurrect
Live knowing I breathe life in all that lives
And move it and keep it and graciously give
Receive it receive it and know that I AM
I am all and in all I am The IAM.

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